‍Matt Saunders was found hiding his considerable talent at a backwater blues jam night - a versatile talent who effortlessly switches between the powerful vocals that Andrew Strong epitomised in the original Commitments, through to the ballad vocals of Robbie Williams. Matt is also an accomplished pianist and guitarist - one of those people who just didn't know when to say STOP when they were handing out musical talent.

The one comment that comes back time and time again for Else is "Huge Voice!". Breathtaking vocals that make audiences stop and listen. From the powerful "Lady Marmalade" to an acoustic version of Bryan Adams "Heaven", Else's vocals add a dimension not many bands can boast.

‍Dave Jull has been playing guitar since the age of 11 after he was given one of his Dad's old classical guitars. With an HND in Music and following many years of playing experience in “jam” sessions and a variety of bands, Dave is now a full time teacher and musician with a passion for the blues. A great performer and fluent soloist who “really wails”, he never ceases to amaze the audience with his high octane style. 

‍Tom Vincent has a pedigree that drummers twice his age would die for. The spark behind The Mushrooms comes via music college, teaching, stage shows, session recording, and a whole string of successful bands. The drive, funk and rock behind The Mushrooms.

‍Eric Butcher also brings a wealth of successful talent to the band including national airplay with his last band. The Welsh Wizard is the steady rock-rokin' beat who likes to think he is in the background but has his own cult following.